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Geri Marandola, CRT


I have been practicing reflexology since 2003 and have continued to study, participate in workshops and advance my skills. I have acquired quite a tool box of techniques!  My core training came from The Universal Method of Reflexology, Father Josef Eugster, and studied Bill Flocco Method - integrated foot, hand and ear reflexology.


I find working all three reflexology maps – on your hands, ears and feet – during the same session provides better results than doing just one area.  Benefits occur sooner and last longer when you work all three areas.  My unique way of incorporating reflexology and Reiki gives my clients lasting results.  Sessions are one-hour long and also include a warm lavender foot bath.

Recently (2023), I received certification in Facial Reflexology (module 1) as well as Indian Head Massage and integrate these additional modalities into each session.


RARI 2003-present, Vice Pres. 2023
RAA 2004-present

RIHHA 2005-present 

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For an appointment:

Reflexology by Geri

14 Hayward St, Cranston, RI  02910




Ear-face-hands-foot reflexology

Indian head massage/Reiki combination 
$75.  -60 min.   /     $95.  -90 min.

Foot Reflexology
$65.  60 min.

Senior pricing available

Custom sessions available

Reflexology gift certificates available.

Home visits by appointment.

"I have been a client of Geri Marandola for over fourteen years now.  I feel so relaxed when Geri works on my feet.  Her instincts are amazing!  Just by touching parts of my feet she can tell what parts of my body are hurting or bothering me.  Then she massages them with her miracle fingers and at the end of the session, I feel relaxed and wonderful!  Absolutely GREAT!  I have recommended Geri' to friends of mine.and they totally agree with my experience."

~Mary Lou Crowley

North Kingstown, RI


"I've been a client of Geri Marandola's for many years. I'm thinking it is about 6 or 7 years now, and I see her at least twice or more per month. Why? Working with this gifted healer has made it possible for me to balance my life, gain perspective in difficult times, and to keep my feet on the ground: literally and figuratively. Just one session with Geri is all you need to start feeling like yourself again. She is a generous, compassionate, and empathetic human being with the ability to transform darkness into light through reflexology. Amazing! Excellent therapist. You'll be coming back again and again. Trust. If rating mattered I'd have to give her 100% effective!! I'm grateful to have found her, my life has been enriched in ways unexpected and utterly delightful. Thank you Geri Marandola for all you do to keep us HUMAN!! 

 ~Kym Moore, 
Associate Professor/ Brown University

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